Melbourne: (03) 8566 7778

Ballarat: 0437 437 914

Telephone Collections:
DRS prides itself on the quality and quantity of its debtor's direct contact in trying to 1) find the issue which is holding up payment 2) Provide information to the debtor to resolve the payment delinquency issue 3) making quality arrangements to return the outstanding.

Legal letters:
Debt Recovery Services Pty Ltd provides the first notice to your debtor advising of our engagement to collect the outstanding "Free of Charge". Other letters such as letters of Demand, replying to debtor correspondence and letters to Solicitors are at an additional cost.

Field Calls/Repossessions:
Field Calls are a tool used from time to time in takin affirmative action. At DRS we use a network of specialists in this area to get the bests results for our clients. Costs vary from location to the amount of visit attempts taken to establish contact, please contact us for an estimate.

Skip Tracing:
Skip Tracing is the method to locate outstanding debtors whom have moved from there last residence without giving a forwarding address or contact telephone numbers. All applications are subject to providing the correct up to date details or a skip trace will be required to obtain the current details. The cost of this process is $275.00 or DRS may choose to waive this cost on debt amounts under the outstanding debt value of $1,200.00 in lieu of an additional 25% commission.

ASIC Reports:
All Business (Company/Business/Sole Trader) to Business (Company/Business/Sole Trader) debts will require an ASIC Search, which is charged up front at $121.00 plus search cost. The report provided by ASIC will confirm the correct legal entity that we are taking action against as well directorship details as well as share break up and current legal position. It will also verify the correct address for any service of legal documents that may be required in taking action.

Asset Inspections:
We also hold experience in Asset Inspections for companies and business who wish to confirm securities and require detailed reports.

Reconciliation of Accounts:
If trying to work out your debt has become a little bit too confusing as your clients remittance don't match up with your invoices, then request our reconciliation service as we are highly experienced in this field and can assist in finding out the correct balance owed.

Conferences or Meetings with or/on our client's behalf:
Let us assist or support you in confronting conferences or meetings so that you don't feel pressured in to making decisions by being intimidated. DRS charge $121 per hour plus travel and we can support you in the hard discussions that can be confronting face to face.