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At Debt Recovery Service Pty Ltd we are not owned in part or in full by litigation firm or legal practice, so when litigation action is required we seek the best available litigation method to resolve the outstanding debt owed to you.

So what we offer is two legal services instead of one. The standard Magistrates Court/Supreme Court process in which we contract a legal practice on your behalf and advise the legal practice of how and what actions we want performed that best suits our clients and not just completing a standard legal process that can create unnecessary costs to you.

The other is by way of the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) or Small claims, as it was once known, this does not require legal representation and can present as a much cheaper alternative. We can assist and complete your application, appear at the hearing and even transfer your order into back into the Magistrates Court without having to use a legal practice and incur high costs.

For more information on Legal Services and the costs please contact our office.